Zabul Province

Zabul Province

Zabul or Zabilastan which has about 17293 area located at Kabul highway this province 45 years ago was recognized as an independent province.


Historical relics of Zabul province

Surrounded area

Zabul province has bordered in to east by Naw - e - Ghazni, Taraw Paktika and Dewrand line, in to north by Ghazni province, in to west by Kudoz and some areas of Urozgan and in to south bordered by Kandahar province.

Historical Relics

Ghora Morgha and Ghwanano historical mountains, Balahesar-e-Qalat hill, historical highway of Kachar in Shamlzo district which located at the causeway of Ahmad Shah's army. Ghashi minaret or (Ghashi shield) which was built by Ahmad Shah BaBa among to Jegdalik when he wanted to go to India war he was dropped the shield as an omen.

The historical tomb of Pashton's by the name of bolan in Sorghar mountain outskirts Sewri district, Khan Sahib's hill, Sortak and Sangar Jamal's region, tomb of Shikh Alirahma on Kalat hill, Shrine of Khonke in outskirts of Sawat in Shamilzai district, shrine of Khorkhbon Neka in 5 square of km Shamilzo district Ghwandan's mountain, shrine of Hosain Neka son of Malikyar BaBa in Atghar district, tomb of Malikyar BaBa, martyrs near of Spedar district, Loragai between Shamlzo and Naw Bahar districts, tombs of Pashtons and Moghuls near to BaBa village, which one time it was historical place of Sho Bahar, Tazai place, forts of Sultan Molkhi Tokhi, father and mother of Nazo Ana, Shrine of Sahak, shrine of popular writer Hosain Neka Janan Safe, Garmam BaBa, mohamad Hotak writer of Puta khazana and so other places are the historical places of Zabul province.