Wardak Province

Wardak  Province

Maidan Wardak haslocated in the center of this province about 35km south west of Kabul. maidenWardak, Logar and Kabul in the east with west at bamiyan in the south and south west of ghazni in the north west of bamiyan province, to the north border with parwan province and the entire area of province about 10912 square kilometers. Climate of this province in spring and summer is temperate but autumn and winter season is very cold much snow falls in this province. Itís one of cold region in the country.


Wardak Handicrafts & Historical sites


Some of the residents place of this province reinstated such as carpet, jacket, gloves, colour, scarf, shawl, woolen, carpets and sewn products to sell in their areas and other province.

Historical site
Historical area that has been established in the province as khawante is famous for it ancient inscription temple of king chaghti khanadiy, (centeral village khanghrts) the historical twon alghta, khwaja bland wali du muslim hill, kashk takana, sar chashma shrine, grip gardain, village of caib chak, coopper castle. momentum, daimaridad, bodak hill, chato hill, daimarad, kutab hill, hill books, klakh bodak, synab archaeological zone, ancien place of syab, bad sayab hill, valley badsayab, sakarak, tapi hark, citad hill, shrine of baba chilgazi.

National gallery called Abdul anyone on the central square of the provincial capital are about two years ago opened to the viewers. Hundreds of different images in the gallery displayed number of visitors come to see it every day. Images of past kings of Afghanistan, number of drawings of the ambrosia martyr and those one whose lives of people in the gallery.