Uruzgan Province

Uruzgan  Province

uruzgan also been named as uruzgan province of Afghanistan 34 province, including of the central province of the country. In uruzgan has surrounded from south by zabul nad khandhar, at the south west of that is Helmand, in the southern provincesis dai khundi and uruzgan gotten borders. more than 12.5 thousand square kilometers and reidue relatively province of Afghanistan75 percent of the area is greater and lesser mountain in province and 21 percent of the earth is smooth, according to the census the population of the province about 328 thousand tonner has estimated in 2011 some of the residents of that province is hazara and Pashtuns which they reside on there. The most important tribes of Pusthun in this province Popalzai, Hachikzai, Noorzai, Barakzai, Alkozayi, and where but some nomad in there they lives.


Uruzgan  Industry, Culture & Dams


Uruzgan linked with the ancient local area arkozia. Before B.C which controlled by alexander Macedonianand by the passageof time has also come under the authority of ashoka.

Arabs in the 7th century when Islam arrived in Afghanistan for the purpose of publishing the invitation after initially controlled by the Zambalian and Safawain was then at 90th century Ghazanwain, Ghorain and Mongolain governed too in 17th century in Kandahar and around area they begin in Kandahar and surrounding area come to power during a Brrief stint Ahmad shah Durrai the province was the first area in which gotten empire was brought in to the area at the of soviet invasion of Afghanistan Uruzgan, Jan Mohammad khan has witnessed of great battle and then headed Mujahideen lead in 1994 Taliban regime declined in 2001 when president Karzi with their adequate nesses came to the province and the USAID supported establishment moved to the Kabul.


in city of Trenkof and other district of this province sitlieglitz of the ancient historical building and archaeological areas in which each value has scientific and research projects, geographical position of Uruzgan undoubtedly shown the situation militarymelodically, economic and political retains one Uruzgain evidence of this clime research by the different area of neighboringcountry one biggest royal center Haphihalif kings of Zabol Uruzgan province located at the south east the name of governor and some ancient writings prescribe especially in relics of writers around Islam was mentioned in the pages of history. the event of the period of Zablyan and Ratbilain ware recording in the form of successive Arab avoid for two centuries of progressive and their heroes and attackers consecutive shown.


Further to the culture of Uruzgan different had been faced in the past ponded duration but it remained like past, the m majority of the problems not solved by Jirga and Bsmany of the province and its residents dressed in long, beard and clothes as known in history. recently reader and writers of books are coming in here this is a costume among people of this province day by day it getting promote and will be poetry in recite in every district also cultural association have be gain to their activates.

Dams and rivers Small water dams in the province such as afghan dams, mania Ghar dam, Malizo dam which only irrigates Byazar land and plane lands.