Pinjshir Province

Pinjshir  Province

Panjshir is one of the new reconstruct province in the country around 120 kilometers distance to the northeast of Kabul between tow the southern branches of Hindu Kush, from north to south along the parallel to sub HinduKush and valleys from north to south and from east to Panjshir valley north along the public have been connected.


Pinjshir  Industry, Culture & Dams

River and cannels

Panjshir river from HinduKush mountains near by cause ways assemblage and cannels, it emanate from that cannels to the southeast streams, Panjshir fords thin- wall passes through on its way to other several branches such as Chorband river, Paryan river, have been received and then about 48 kilometers to the east of Kabul river joins which once of permanent rivers it length about 320 km.

Panjshir province has more than 120 grand valley and more than ten small valley that most are once against others and each sub valley that the most are once against others and each sub valley divided into several valleys which further adds to it strategic importance known as the roaring connected and following down to the valley, Panjshir has gotten high and grand mountains and partof natural ice house commonly existence of abundant springs, lush meadows, beautiful water full and sustainable in the itísnatural context makes favorable for guerrilla warfare.


panjshir with precious stone such as emerald mine Donald, R Astoria hyacinth, lazuli, about the derivation or states in the eastern province ware Muslim and HinduKush, most notably in the panjshir mines. Was located both in neighborhood of 10000 was working in panjshir mine silver.

Cultural Cultural activities in this province as well as we known but not so in the neighboring province, the province of khorasan has called a radio station, two weeks panjshir act and a sun magazine. All so cultural entertainmentactivities all though in this province as the convoy pen foundation, cultural entertainment panjshir valley panjshir women's organization in the province activities.