Logger Province

Logger  Province

logger province in the south of Kabul which has 65 km distanced north of Kabul, to the south by paktia from east to nanagarhar in the west with the wardak province surrounded and gotten borders with ghazni about 4568 square kilometers area inhabitants of that are Pashtun, tajik, hazara, logar province in previous period was referred by lied mountain.


Logger Culture Games & Historical sites

River and cannels

in this province's got more historic area that have historic value which placed in different area of province darcharkh, kharwar, (kafir kot) mise aynac, takhtijamshid, zarghoon shair, shrine of khwaha sadri hawlia, sultan sahib mountain, such a handreds of other area.

Famous pouters and fame

logar province has kept with in ancient historical the birth place of some poets and fame such as maulana yaqub charkhie, ghazi aminullha logari allama faizani, bahijan agha, Mohammad jan khan Mohammed aghi, baized roshan and such other famous character as well as names they are part of history. logar has also famous people and characters such as dr. Ashraf ghani ahmadzai, professor nusrullah stanikzai, Mohammadmuseum stanikzai etc.

Football games, volleyball, cricket, boxing, taekwondo, hoshwo, kangfou, and a lot of funs in this province, logger traditionalgames, such as wrestling, run are also includes.

Historical sites
the run of famous Hindu temple in sajawand kafar kott in kharwar, Buddhist sites in anjiak baraki rajan, takhti jamshid , burjak cave shrine of abu muslim khusrani, maianj sahib.