Kunar Province

Kunar  Province

Kunar is one of the mountainous province in Afghanistan located in the east of country. Kunar means olives valley.


Kunar  Industry, Culture & Dams


Unions of culture, writers, decorum enthusiasts and different poets have been in this province handicraft are not makes in Kunar. Minority people of this province had been used animal wool to weave the carpet. This costume use to achieved and only handicraft which is manufactured in Kunar. That is ironsmith handicraft, such as knifes, sickles, axes, etc.


Electric dam reconstruction on Kunar river at the local area Taq surgh which got capability of produced 2000 MW electricity, construction of retying de wall on the both sides of the river, construction of basic cricket stadium in Asad Abad, the transit highway to the border with Pakistan by bitumen road is connected navapas, reactivation of wood working factory.

Historical sites and relics

Buddhist inscription, Chagha saray, tapa -e- Chaghan in the beginning of patch valley. Nature beauties: coniferous forests, mountains and Kunar River.