Jawazjan Province

Jawazjan  Province

Jawazjan is one of the important province in northern Afghanistanborders with Turkmenistan at Uzbekistan these located this province is rich of gas resource.

jawzjan is located at 555 km to the north of Kabul in the east of balkh, in the sout,ph west of faryab province. In a terms of climate it's extremely hot in summer and in winter it's so cold the ancient name of this province was guzgan.


Jawzajan Dams, Education & Historical sites

Water dams

two dams by the name of Haqacha River and suri pull river located in this province. These dams ware located in faizabad district and sar-e- pull high way. sheberghan in fact is that these dams are without water due to recent droughts miscellaneous low but farmer still use it widely and most of land has irrigated


culture efforts in the province, from the beginning of 1340 as a result of the creation of state press and publishing as weekly reminder it currently the national TV media, distributors broad cost media, FM radio brings comfort, treatment, ghazals, hina tv, arman fm, batour, armaghan fm, ashaish, darman, bostan, payam, alif, alhiman, gullistan, jawazjan magazine, sayzan, the voice of khsar, bayan Noor, and printing house operationcable network. The large number of civil social institutions for the development and improvement of youth, woman, teacher artists, retire dement, defectives and other social group are active in the province.


This province has public and private universities, schools, libraries and, art music of anciently and common local traditional music which most prevalent now a day. Traditionally costume sports such as bazkashi, wrestling, throwing the stone chains wrestling. Historical relics: tela tapa( golden hill), yamshak tapa( yamshak hill), balahisar sheberghan, tomb of hazerat ibn yamin sheberghani, the remains of the churchly anciently castle balahisar haqcha, monument, of this province dashty tepa is one of the most important archaelogical site in this province.