Helmand Province

Helmand Province

Helmand is the largest province of Afghanistan that in to east has border with Kandahar in to north with Urozgan, Ghor and Dikundy provinces, in to west has border with Farah and Nemroz and in to north bordered with Dewrand line which in north is mountain and in south is randy. The weather of Helmand is warm in summer and mild in to winter season and Lashkargah is the center of Helmand province.


Helmand province Rivers, Dam, Historical Monuments & Handicrafts

Rivers of Helmand Province

Helmand river that has most names and its name changed in different epoch histories of Afghanistan we can to remember some of them in here such as in Sanskrit it named Hezmand and Hetmand but in Islamic epoch it change to Helmand that means (majesty, greatest, full). This river originate from BaBa Mountain and up to 200km has stream to Iran country and afterwards cascade in to Hamoon River. And also it has some brunches such as Mosa castle, Naw Zad, Loe Manda, Narai Manda. We can also mention to the Morghab River.

Dam of Helmand province

Electricity dam of kajaki: itís the important project of Helmand province that with 3 turbines can generate about 51kw electricity and further Helmand take to Kandahar Province too. Electricity dam of Grishk: this dam that made above a ditch has capacity to generate about 2.5kw electricity but in future itíll be able to generate more than 5kw electricity.

Culture of Helmand

Helmand from past is the center of historical heritages, civilization and cultural that every years between months of April and May they make a poem association by the name of (Helmand Apanda Send) and poets from other provinces also attend there.

Historical monuments

Helmand has 50 historical monuments i.e. castle of Bost, Sultan Mohammadís place, place of Arg, place of Tanwr, mosque, New castle, Safar castle, Bolan castle, Mokhtar castle, Deparsos castle, Khwaja Bedar Bushran castle, Shazada BaBa castle, Spogmae castle, Khwaja Ali castle, Khwaja Ghaib castle, Amir Buland BaBa castle, Darweshan castle, Shamlan castle, Grishk castle Sabz castle, Naw castle, Khanshen castle, Disho castle, Jalj castle, Ato castle, Dawar castle, Mosa castle, Fateh Khan castle, Karam Khan castle, Sarawan castle, Lwoe Ade castle, Nawzad Sara castle, Nawzad Mrowat castle, Bagh Ran Haram castle, Nad Ali castle, Sarkhor Doz castle, Momin castle, Panjaw castle, Bebo Jane castle, Shah Asmail Aghah castle, shrine of Shah Hosain, shrine of Asad, hill of Berang and so others.

Handicrafts in Helmand

The most handicraft in Helmand is carpet, rug, hat, alter, blanket, cord, hand bag, ornament equipment, vase and etc that most of them make by women from skin (complexion) and wool use daily live.