Ghazni Province

Ghazni Province

Ghazni one of important and central province in Afghanistan which has most ancient and historical monuments places. Ghazni located between Kabul and Kandahar highway and about 145km is away from Kabul city. In to north has border with Maidan Wardak and Bamyan provinces in to east has border with Paktika Paktia and Logar in to west has border with Zabul and in to south has with Urozgan and Dikundy provinces. The weather of this province is warm in summer and cold in winter that the temperature comes down from -20 up to -30c.

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Ghazni province Rivers, Dam, Historical Monuments & Handicrafts

Dams of water in Ghazni province

In Ghazni province there is 5 tams of water such as stand waters, Sultan tom, Sarda tom, Zarkhan and Zarsang toms which located in different districts of this provinces which irrigates most fields of Ghazni province.

Culture of Ghazni

Ghazni from past is famous in literature, knowledge, history and culture hundreds writer and poets such as Sanaiee Ghaznawee, Sayeed Hosain Ghaznawee, Masood Sad Salman, Farokhi Sestani, Ferdows Tose, Ansary Balkhi, Mansor Samarqandy, Kasaie Marzori, Aziri Razi, Abu Raihan Beroni and so others have been liven in epoch of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawein Ghazni province.

Historical monuments in Ghazni province

Ghazni has 1500 years ago history for of Islam that has more ancient monuments and the historical place of Ghazni is old city of Ghazni by the name of Balahesar which at the past was base of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawe's imperatory.

This castle has 40 minarets and in the past it had a golden closed bazaar from but destroyed by different supernatural. At the total Ghazni province has about 300 monuments and shrine or tombs that only 30 of these reconstruct during these 10 years.

Shrine of Sanaiee, Shams BaBa, Hasan Ghaznawee, Shamir Palizwan, Sultan Mohamad, Khwaja Bahar, Khwaja Ali, Sultan Shahabullden Ghori, Mola Noh BaBa, two minarets from Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawe's epoch and hundreds of other monuments are in Ghazni province.

Museum of Ghazni

In the past Ghazni's museum was the rich museum of Afghanistan which and before Islam in Ghazni was just one Ghazni that had been keeping historical things, but mow two other museums also has make in Ghazni that one of them is in official government department and other one of them is in information and culture directory. In museum of official government department are hundreds of historical and ancient thinks and in museum of information and culture directory is keeping 130 relic and monument and appearance most of these relics are belong to before Islam periods.

Ghazni has more historical and ancient areas that found there more historical relics. However Ghazni has more lettered but we name some of them there such as Sanai Ghaznawee, Masood Sad Salman, Farokhi Sestani, Ferdows Tose, Abu Raihan Beroni and so others.

Industry in Ghazni province

In Ghazni province in side of pottery, Furer, copper smith, golden smith, weaving woolen piece, embroider also is one of the handicrafts of their people.