Balkh Province

Balkh Province

Balkh is one of important Northern Province of Afghanistan and Mazar-e-Sharif is center of Balkh province. This province in to north has commune border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, in to east has border with Kundoz and Samangan, in to west has border with Jozjan and in to south has border with Sar Pul and Samangan provinces.

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Balkh province Rivers, Dam, Historical Monuments & Handicrafts

Culture of Balkh province

Celebration of first day of every new year as the Jubilee of Ariaies which is the traditionally picnic of Ariaies people around the Asia and every years more than thousands of tourists from majority of the world participated at this picnic. This traditionally costume celebration begins by participating of government principles, national and international diplomatic staves and during celebration peeking up Hazrat Ali's shrine flag.

Jubilee is getting progress up to 40 days which different literature programs culture and industries by social association in this province celebrate.

Historical monument

Balkh province has 6000 years history before Islam so cause of this there is lots of historical monuments i.e. the popular high way of the world by the name of Silk Road which is crossing from north province (Balkh) of Afghanistan from south of India, from west of Iran and from east of China. The sings of this road appears in Balkh province cause of this Balkh province take second degree city of the world.

We can name some monuments places in Balkh province such as shrine of Hazrat Ali, Balahesar, walls of Balkh, shrine of Khwaja Akash, castle of Takhta Pul, Hell of Zargaran, Ali Shir's hill, Khwaja Abo Naser Parsa masque, Bahader castle, Zadian minaret, Noh Gunbad or 9 tombs (Haj-e-Peada or foot path Haj) Aiaran tower, fir flame of Naw Bahar, Shahr Bno, Jahan Noma palace, castle of girls (Qali-e-o Dokhtaran), Salaran hill, Sadian valley, Bazarak, Baharab, Ab Lai hill, Chahar Kont castle, Aman Bakry Bridge, shrine of BaBa Hatam Asim, shrine of Zainull Abodin Aqil, Shahr Jamshed and so others.

Museum of Balkh

Museum of Balkh made in 1317 undercover of Information and Culture directory of Afghanistan that in this museum showing historical relics of before Islam and modern periods of Islam. Presidion, golden coins from Bakhtary, Greek, Akhamanashyan, Sourt, shield and so other relic's ancients keep in this museum.

During carrying of thing to museum some heavy things such as war canon which still is on yard of information and culture directory. In shrine of Hazrat Ali also is a museum that keeps there some relic ancient and historical things of Islam that most of them are belongs to Hazrat Ali's shrine.

For example: the carton which presented from Amir Abdul Rahman Khan which is save up to now on museum and coins of leader Bokhara who toke that them when he visited shrine of Hazrat Ali presented them.

Mines of Balkh

Balkh province further that has historical worth in mine also has values which in the recently 6 mines of petroleum along to Amo River in north of Balkh which located between Chahar Bolak and Kaldar districts discovered which its products in a year is about 8.6 million Dollar. Further oil mine in Balkh province there found mines of gas, salt and Sheshak (the materials that use to make glass) also in this province.

Sport in Balkh

In these past 10 years further of traditional sports modern sports also develop in Balkh province. One traditional sport which so popular between people of Afghanistan is Buz Kashi that still common among them. One stadium of this traditional sport is in southern of Mazar-e-Sharif that in national days and fall season in a special ceremony has celebrating. Other sports in this province are like wresting, stone dropping and so other sports also doing in village of Balkh province.